How do I use the Lyrics Editor to create LRC lyrics?

'Lyrics Editor' will help you to create or edit the synchronized lyrics.

  1. Get plain text lyrics. You can search and download text lyrics with MiniLyrics or Google.
  2. Open the plain text lyrics file.
  3. Open 'Lyrics Editor'. Please click the context menu item: 'Lyrics Editor', and MiniLyrics will open the 'Lyrics Editor' window.
  4. Playing the song file.
  5. Click button: ('Synchronize the current line and move down one line').
  6. Repeat step 5 until all the lyrics lines are synchronized.
  7. Save the lyrics file as '.lrc' file.

Windows Media Player, foobar2000 is suggested to be used, when you create synchronized lyrics. If you use Winamp, please don't seek or jump music, or the timeline will become imprecise.

Share lyrics with other people using MiniLyrics

You can upload the lyrics to MiniLyrics server.