Why can some lyrics scroll, whereas others can't?

If lyrics contain time-stamps, they can scroll, or they can not scroll.

  1. LRC lyrics format (.lrc files) contains time-stamps, it can scroll.
  2. Plain Text lyrics format (.txt files) doesn't contain time-stamps, it can NOT scroll.

Why are some scrolling lyrics not synchronized with music?

  1. Use the 'up' or 'down' key to move the lyrics forward or backward 1/2 second, respectively.
  2. Try to download other lyrics.

Why does MiniLyrics give me the wrong lyrics?

  1. This is most probably caused by the wrong file name and wrong file tag of your music file. Make sure that the artist and title of your song file is correct, modify them in your player.
  2. Try to search for the lyrics manually. Please click the 'Search Lyrics' menu item in the context menu, and input the correct artist and title, then click 'Search' button.