How do I backup and restore MiniLyrics settings?

If you transfer MiniLyrics to another PC or reinstall your OS, you can backup those setting files and lyrics, after the installation, then restore them back.

MiniLyrics local settings folder

MiniLyrics save all its settings in the folder below:

  • First Try to save in: C:\Program files\MiniLyrics
  • Or Windows 7: C:Users\'User Name'\AppData\Roaming\MiniLyrics
  • Or Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\'User Name'\Application Data\MiniLyrics

MiniLyrics have following setting files:

  • Install.ini: The PerUserSettings=0 field indicates that MiniLyrics will try to save the settings file in C:\Program files\MiniLyrics
  • MiniLyric.ini: it stores all the preferences and settings.
  • MLyrics.S2L: it stores which lyrics are associated with media files.
  • dbLyrUpload.db: The uploaded lyrics information
  • dbSearchCache.db: The lyrics search result information

Default lyrics folder

MiniLyrics will save lyrics in the folder below (You can change it in MiniLyrics preferences window):